Repeat writing

IT'S good to get past the illusion that as a writer, you must toil away in anonymity, your genius unseen and your destiny unfulfilled, until the moment fame catapults you to the status of best-selling gazillionaire. That's the trajectory of just a few writers. It's a destiny that's so unlikely to be yours that you … Continue reading Repeat writing


They Use Violence, We Use Force

A Ten-Minute Play by Shane Worrell CHARACTERS  ZACH, the incoming communications officer at the Ministry of Peace ALICE, the outgoing communications officer at the Ministry of Peace STANWELL, the communications department head at the Ministry of Peace The scene is a comfortable, lightly furnished office, typical of a high-ranking government official. The wall is adorned … Continue reading They Use Violence, We Use Force

Living For All Eternagen™

Short fiction published in Painted Words 2017. Shane Worrell At the back of an antique shop where marbles were sold, two for ten million dollars, Junior lay in silence. The old man’s bedroom, small, cramped and altogether unbefitting of someone of Junior’s character, was separated from the shop by only a paper-thin wooden panel. Junior … Continue reading Living For All Eternagen™