I should be studying (but instead I’m reading a thesaurus)

A procrastination poem written in 2005

Initially my effulgence was extant; I thrived on my beneficence,

But my assignment is still inchoate and I’m a victim of my own petulance,

The nadir is near, impending doom and failure will deny all segue,

I’d like to be mirthful and jocund, but all hope has been taken away.

My brain has become a gimcrack and I cannot complete my work,

My assignments are fetid beasts that I continue to shirk,

I attempt a modicum of study but it causes harm and offers no cure,

I’m becoming deliquesce with this study and my creativity is now immure.

Among the quorum of academics I’m destined to never be,

Lack of motivation means my divine afflatus you will never see,

I’d love to frolic and gambol around in a fit of bacchanalia,

But I fear I’m gripped by some kind of unremitting mania.

I need to complete these assignments to avoid this tenebrous scoff,

I’d much prefer to be at the pub attempting a drunken quaff,

But I cavil too much and simply can’t get it right,

If I wasn’t so insipid, I could declare myself a sybarite.


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