Old Friend

Old Friend, let’s traverse our memories, all the way together,
Pretend we’re small again and we’ve no storms to weather,
Forget I ever hurt you — and I’ll forget that you hurt me,
Old Friend, let’s find new homes in this long, lost city.

Old Friend, can we forget our one distant, disastrous year?
Pretend it’s New Year’s Day again, which means, for you I’m here,
Forget all that burned us — shallow, but to the core,
One bad year in a long lifetime shouldn’t haunt us for ever more.

Old Friend, let’s shake the feeling that time and distance matter,
You live there, I’ll live here; and we’ll watch the old world shatter,
The one where people disappeared, far away, without a trace,
Old Friends who see eye to eye again don’t need to be face to face.

“Old Friend” can be a misused phrase for something sadly broken,
“Old Friend” can mean lifelong, forever — a blood bond unspoken,
For me, I’ll take the latter; so we need not declare us done,
Not with the time left for Old Friends to bask in tomorrow’s sun.



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