How you might stay afloat

What if a tyrant suddenly seized power?
Left you and all your mates desperately seeking shelter?
What if old, peaceful, free Melbourne Town fell?
Sending your memories of peace straight to hell?

What if all the things democracy guaranteed,
Were dismantled in the night, and a new order decreed?
What if the trolls you’d heard, seen or read,
Were pounding at your door, wanting you dead?

What if freedom was not universal – it was just for some,
And you weren’t among them – to where would you run?
Where would you go, how would you stay afloat?
Come on, tell me, wouldn’t you get on a boat?

What if a Bold New Leader shared your patriotic pride?
But decided you weren’t someone they wanted on their side?
What if their grand ideas for utopian social revolution,
Were exactly like yours – except with you at the bottom?

What if the airports were no longer for us?
And the military controlled them, would you get on a bus?
The type that might lead you into unsafe terrain?
Would a car be much safer, what about a passenger train?

So what would you do? Join a queue – fill out a form?
File it to those dismissive of where you were born?
Would you just stand around, wait for folks abroad to cast their vote?
Would you have any better ideas on how you might stay afloat?

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